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     To all the dreamers, achievers, adventure seekers, romantics, and realists…

     Hello! I’m Viktoriya, the creative mind and heart behind The Hanging Gardens. I’m a girl who dares to dream big and beautiful and never gives up. If you need to find me on the rare occasion that I’m not working, I’m typically at home with my husband Andrey and our cuddly pup Kenzo. We go for long walks, play in the water at the beach, cook, eat together, snuggle on a couch, and watch movies. My philosophy in life is to choose daily to dream, find, and create myself to fully experience life. My recipe for happiness is being able to freely express myself through my passions while surrounding myself with the people that I love.


     Life is full of authentically beautiful things, people, experiences, and picking one of them is simply impossible, also unnecessary. Although, this world full of beauty just finds unexpected ways to your heart, and flowers swiftly became my favorite way to celebrate life and something that makes my heart beat faster and my eyes sparkle brighter. Flowers are a unique, beautiful language that I can’t resist to learn about and share with others. By working with flowers, I can express myself and embrace the beauty around me. It is my desire to create that artistic, textural, and romantic floral piece for you to fall in love with. This is my way of making one day in someone’s life unconditionally beautiful, memorable, and that alone means a world to me!

     As we work together, we’ll grow to know each other even better, but it’s important that you know I identify with florals more than anything. I’m certain that if you are dreaming about a beautiful and romantic wedding, I am the right person to bring that to life for you. It would be an honor for me to create something real and beautiful with you – the inspiring and authentic couple. As an experienced dreamer, I can share from experience that the reality of your beautiful day is always better than the dream, and I’ll help bring that to life.

Behind the Scenes with Viktoriya

Videography: Wild Heart Films

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